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So everyone seems to be trying out this new Keto diet. I Went to work one day about 9 weeks ago and several co-workers  told me “we are starting this new ketone diet”. Of course I just said “oh, that’s great”. Then about 3 weeks later what had started out as 2 co-workers trying this ketone diet became 4, then 5…  by then I was asking “okay what is this all about?”

So they explain it is a low carb diet and you drink these Pruvit Keto drinks, and if you stick with it you can loose weight. I still was not quite sold, I said I would think about it.  I have done low carb diets before, not my favorite because like 75% of America I love my bread and potatoes, not to mention my carbonated beverages.

However, I went home and stepped on the scale and was not happy with the numbers I saw. My co-workers had already mentioned the Pruvit Keto diet was expensive and they were definitely not lying about that. I think $130 for 20 packets plus $11.80 in shipping is expensive myself. It averages out to about $7.10 a day if you only drink (1) $14.20 if you drink 2. Get on smart ship and those numbers could be $5.70 and $11.40 (you save 22%) on smart ship so instead of $130 you can get it for $101.40.

As I start adding all of the numbers up on how much I spend on lunches at work, I found I would probably be spending about the same amount of money to start this Keto diet as I do eating out lunch at work every day.

So I decided to go ahead and give it a try, making the decision that in doing so meant buying lunch everyday would have to come to an end.

Let me add here, I am not a “Pruvit Promoter”, I am not even a hardcore Pruvit Keto diet follower, I personally have to have “cheat” days or I will never make it thru it.

I do make sure I do not go crazy on a cheat day,  I usually only do the low carb diet 5 days a week and “cheat” two.  My cheat day may just mean I am breaking down and drinking a “Mountain Dew”  today, (which packs a whopping 77 carbs( I had no idea)) or it may mean it is a Pizza day which I will usually only eat 1 maybe 2 small slices, or it may mean I am eating a baked potatoe with my evening meal. I only drink one Keto Max on cheat days in the morning, but I generally drink 2 a day the other 5 days.

I am 3 weeks into this and surprisingly enough I have lost 7lbs which I find to be very good considering I do allow myself those 1-2 days of bad carbs every week.

Not all Keto flavors are equal, not all of them even taste close to good and they are all very salty to me, but I do not even like Gatorade or any other sports drinks because I can taste the salt in all of them and I am not a fan of salt. I do not add salt to anything I eat . That being said, here is my opinion on the flavors I have tried so far:

Keto O/S Max Jellies- honestly stay away from it, it is just awful. One of the most vile drinks I have ever had to swallow. I am not sure how this one ever made it into the permanent menu.

Orange Dream O/S 2.1 – if you like orange, orange Julius, orange cream you may like this one, I am not really a fan of orange, but the girls at work love this one.

Keto O/S Max Splash – it is good, reminds me of the orange dream only it has a pineapple taste that comes thru, but it is very do able.

Keto O/S Max Heart Tart- I really like this one but if you are not a fan of tart, you may not like it and I can definitely  taste the salt in it.

Keto O/S Max Key Limeade- so far my absolute favorite, I cannot even tell I am drinking ketones at all. I feel it is the one most like drinking water with a hint of lime. I don’t even get that really salty taste when I drink this one. This one is always offered as a limited release so it comes and goes. I will be sure to add a couple to my cart next time this one is offered.

I will update as I try more flavors , I have Raspberry Lemonade, Keto Kreme and Maui punch  on my next smart ship I will let you know what I think, and update my weight loss as it happens.

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