Wax Paper vs Freezer Paper when creating Cold Process Soap

The first time I made cold process soap in a wooden loaf mold, I did not line it at all and learned that even though you don’t have to line your wooden soap molds, it sure can make your life easier. The second time I used the mold I thought ok let’s try wax paper.

Wax paper works, but it is so thin and it tends to stick to the soap making it very hard to pull it all off of the soap at once. I find myself having to pick tiny little remnants of wax paper out of the corners and it can be quite time consuming making sure you get all of it off your soap. Sometimes I find it easier to just cut off the ends and throw them out or use them at home.

Freezer paper on the other hand, works so  much better. It is a thicker more stable liner for the inside of a wood mold, or other molds you may choose to use. Comes right off of your soap when you un-mold it. I was so excited the first time I tried it.

Some soapers prefer to purchase silicone liners, but I purchase my wooden soap mold from a couple who make them and I can not always find the right size silicone liner to fit inside my wooden loaf mold. I have heard you can make your own silicone mold but I have not tried that yet. Maybe in a future post.

If you ever find yourself in the kitchen about  to make a batch of soap and are trying decide what to line your mold with, pass right by the wax paper and head for the Freezer paper.  I have purchased both name brand and store brand Freezer paper and have great results with both.

If you have used something different please let me know what you have found works well to line your soap molds.




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