Lemon Lime Cold Process Salt Bars



I made a CP Salt bar for the first time 2 years ago, and loved it.  So as I was standing in my workspace thinking of what to make next I decided maybe it was time to experiment more with salt bars.

This post is may  not be suitable for a first time cold process soap makers, I do not go into details on safety, or temperatures but if you need this information I would be happy to send it you. If you have never made Cold process soap before please make sure you research the safety precautions for soapmaking and working with lye.

If you like using silicone molds Salt Bars are an excellent choice because they just pop out of the mold every time.

I have read how many soap makers like to make their salt bars 90-100% Coconut oil. I usually make mine more like 60-70% Coconut oil but as with almost everything in CP soap making  when it comes to oils it is a preference and it is all up to the maker, you can try just about anything to see what happens, sometimes it may not work out, and sometimes the result are just amazing.

Theses Lemon Lime CP Salt bars smell amazing, and turned out very well. Here is my recipe in percentages,  you can run thru your preferred Lye calculator.

I usually use soapcalc.net/calc/soapcalcwp.asp because they have just about every oil and butter imaginable in their calculator.  I also like Brambleberry’s Lye calculator but it does not have Karanja oil or Ucuuba butter on it which are two ingredients I like to use in many of my soaps.

40 ounces of oils

52.5% Coconut Oil, 76 degree

20% Coconut Oil, Fractionated

17.25% Olive Oil

10.25% Ucuuba Butter

20 ounces of sea salt (I used fine grain Pacific Sea Salt from SaltWorks for this recipe)

2 tsp Kelly Green Mica from Brambleberry dispersered with 2 tbs of fractionated coconut oil.

Once I mixed the oils, lye, Essential oil and got to thin trace, I added the 20 ounces of salt and stirred in slowly making sure the salt was mixed in well.  I poured part (30%) of the soap mix into a glass Pyrex container and mixed with the dispersed Kelly green Mica.

I then poured one color, then the other until all of the molds were filled and used a disposable wooden chop stick to swirl the green into the soap. I let set for about 12 hours and they popped right out of the molds no problems and are pictured at the top.

I used a 12 cavity silicone round soap mold and I still had a little bit of soap left so I poured the remaining into 3 cavity’s of a 6 cavity silicone loaf bar mold.


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