Grapefruit Sea Salt Shampoo Bar

FDEF05E9-2F3C-447A-9BF8-C7970AAF6F94If you have read any of my earlier posts over the past week or so I have been experimenting salt bars and I had this idea to create a Sea Salt shampoo bar.

For this shampoo bar I used Grapefruit Essential oil.  I usually make my shampoo bars in peppermint, tea tree peppermint, lavender, lavender peppermint… etc I am sure you see the pattern of peppermint in my shampoo bars. Then I met  a customer who said she was allergic to peppermint. Allergic to peppermint? It was as though a light bulb went off in my head, an allergy to peppermint,  I have no idea why the possibility had never occurred to me before.  So I used Grapefruit Essential oil for this shampoo bar. (So far the scent is fabulous, hopefully it holds strong)

If you try this recipe out, please be sure to run your recipe through a lye calculator. Always use safe practices when soaping, if you have never made cold process soap, please check out some posts on first time cold process soap making to get all of the details you need for safe soaping.

I used the following ingredients in percentages I do not include lye or water amounts so you can run the recipe or variation through your preferred lye calculator to get the correct lye and water amounts for your soap.

55% coconut oil 76 degree

20% coconut oil fractionated

10% shea butter

8% Avocado oil

5% carrot seed oil

2% Karanja Oil

2 Ounces Of Grapefruit Essential oil

.3 ounces of DL- panthenol

.5 ounces of citric acid

3 tbs of sea salt


distilled water

2 tsp Raspberry Mica

I made this recipe using 48 ounces of oils. 25% superfatted. I usually do 20% superfatted, but thought I would test out 25% since I was adding sea salt to the mix and see what happens.

Side note: I do not usually add color to my shampoo bars, and I am  not sure if I should have used Mica in a shampoo bar, but through all of my research I did not find any statements or advice saying I couldn’t or shouldn’t  use Mica in a shampoo bar,  and since I was experimenting with this recipe anyway why not go all the way.

I added all of my oils together in a double broiler and melted then poured into a larger pot to cool.  Mixed my lye water and added the sea salt. While my oils and lye mixture cooled I mixed 2tsp of raspberry Mica and 2 tbs of fractionated coconut oil together mixed and set aside. Measured out my essential oil. Mixed 4 tbs of distilled water with my DL- panthenol and citric acid and set aside. I checked my oil and water temps when they both  reached around 110 degrees I added the lye water to my oils blending with a stick blender.

Added my citric and DL-panthenol mixture, then added my essential oil, continued to mix to light trace. Poured about 1/3 into the raspberry Mica container and used a stick blender to blend the color completely and did an in the pot swirl by adding the 1/3 mix back into the pot stirring into the pan slowly being careful not to completely blend the raspberry Mica into the batch.  I poured into a 12 cavity round silicone mold, and a 6 cavity loaf bar mold (only filled 4 of the 6 cavities) I let sit for 24 hours and pressed the soaps out of the mold to continue to cure for 4-6 weeks.

I used a similar recipe, as a salt bar without the DL-panthenol, and citric acid adding 24 ounces of salt at light trace also Grapefruit Essential oil and poured into a 1 3/4  9 cavity Round Ball silicone molds, loved the outcome pictured below, cutest balls of soap.


If there are any details you would like from me, or if I have missed adding a step in the post  please let me know. If you have some advice about adding Mica to shampoo bars  I would love to hear it. Not that I plan on making adding Mica to my shampoo bars a habit, but it did make the bar prettier then my usual plain bars I have made in the past.


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