Expresso Cold Process Bath Bar


I love the smell of coffee. I do not drink coffee,  by the time I get done adding sugar and cream to a cup of coffee it would be considered a meal calorie wise so I just don’t drink coffee. I do however, love coffee ice cream, and all things scented coffee.

I have made several varieties of coffee soap over the years but this one is my favorite so far…   the longer we soap the more adventurous we become with our recipes, superfatting and oils.

The expresso fragrance oil I used in this recipe I purchased from brambleberry and it just smells absolutely delicious.

This soap uses 64 ounces of oil and I used a 5lb wooden loaf soap mold. If you have never created cold process soap, you may want to start with a simpler recipe. Don’t forget to use PPE when created your soap. I do not give lye and water amounts here, you should always run your recipe through a lye calculator.

3.2 oz.  Almond oil sweet

3.2 oz  Avocado Butter

16 oz    coffee butter

6.4 oz Cocoa Butter

6.4 oz  coconut oil, 76 degree

5.76 oz coconut oil, fractionated

1.92 oz Karanja oil

3.2 oz Shea Butter

3.2 oz Ucuuba Butter

14.72 oz Olive Oil

2 tsp Cappuccino Mica

2 tsp Titanium Dioxide

1tsp super pearly white Mica which I mixed in with the titanium dioxide to give the flat white some pearly color.

3 oz expresso fragrance oil 

3 tbs of coffee grounds

some whole coffee beans for the top of my soap.

4% superfat

after melting down all of my butters and oils. I mixed my lye water and let them both cool down to around 110. Mixed my lye into my oils using a stick blender, added my fragrance oil then separated out 30% to mix with my cappuccino Mica while mixing the other 60% with my titanium dioxide to make the batter a lighter color with all of the dark butters/oils I used.

I mixed the 3 tbs of coffee grounds with the lighter mix and then alternated pouring the lighter mix first, then some of the cappuccino mix and kept going until I was all out of both.  I used a wooden disposable chop stick to swirl the mix at the top of the soap only placing my coffee beans in when I was done. Then covered and waited 24 hours before unmolding and 48 hours before cutting. I like how it came out, I am sure I can perfect the look the next time I make it, it smells so yummy I love it.

If you have any questions or even some suggestions  please feel free to comment. Their is no such thing as bad suggestions or questions.




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