Rose Clay Charcoal Cold Process Soap


This is a recipe I used to make an awesome Rose Clay Charcoal Peppermint Tea Tree Soap. I will not be putting the amounts of water and Lye used only because you should always run your recipe through a lye calculator which will give you the Distilled Water and Lye amounts to use.

6 oz  Avocado Oil

2 oz  Babassu Oil

4 oz  Castor Oil

6 oz Coconut Oil

6 oz Mango Butter

16 oz Olive Oil

4 oz Rice Bran Oil

4 oz Sunflower Seed Oil

2 tsp Rose Clay

1 tsp Charcoal

1.4 oz Peppermint Essential Oil

1.6 oz Tea Tree Essential Oil

3% Superfatted.

If you have never made cold Process soap, Make sure you look up safety precautions when  using lye.  Always add your lye to water, never add your water into your lye.

This is how I make my soap, but you can come up with your own routine, and what works best for you when you are creating your soap. I always mix my Lye and Distilled water first so the Lye Mixture  has time to start cooling while I mix and combine my oils,  I then Melt and Combine all oils, and prepare my color mixtures of Rose Clay and Charcoal.

  • Disperse the 2 tsp Rose Clay with 2 tbs Sweet Almond Oil  mixing the powder with the oil until you have a nice smooth color mixture.
  • Disperse the Charcoal 1 tsp with 1 tbs Sweet almond oil mixing together until you have a smooth mixture.

Once the lye/water and oils have cooled to 130 degrees or below  mix your lye water and oils together  in a large pot or deep bowl, always adding the lye water mixture to the oils and blending with a stick blender  or by hand adding in   1.4 oz of Peppermint Essential Oil and 1.6 oz of Tea Tree Essential oil and mixing until a thin trace is achieved.  Once a thin trace has been achieved, split the batch into two bowls and Combine the disbursed Rose Clay into one of the Bowls  and add the Dispersed Charcoal into the other bowl, using  a whisk to thoroughly blend the color mixtures in each bowl.

Now it is time to pour your soap into your mold, I chose to pour the charcoal first then the rose clay, but this is your soap, so you can pour them in the mold however you want. You can swirl the mix together, layer them using rose clay first, you can even make 3-4 layers going back and fourth if you choose, I encourage you to have fin while you make your soap.

If you wish to make your batch exactly as I have pictured, then pour your  Charcoal mixture into the bottom of your 5 lb wooden loaf mold, then  add the Rose clay mixture on top, very slowly pouring it into the mold over a spatula (to slow the speed at which the mix hit the top of the charcoal) so it will lay on top of the charcoal layer and not go down to the bottom of the mold. If you have bubbles spray lightly with 99% alcohol to get the bubbles to pop.  Then cover your mold and let sit for 3 days before un-molding, cutting, and allowing to cure (dry/harden) for 6 weeks before using.

You will notice in my picture of my finished bars of soap, there are slight speckles in my Rose clay half of the soap, this is because I did not disperse my Clay into oil before adding to my soap, I just poured the clay in and then blended which left me with a few speckles in my finished product. So my advice for a perfect batch is to not skip dispersing  your clay/charcoal into oil before adding to your thin trace.



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