Exfoliating Soap Bars

At first I was not sure about exfoliating soap bars. I for one have a really sensitive face, so the thought of using an exfoliating soap bar on my face just seemed harsh.

Of course over time I have learned exfoliants do not have to be harsh, they have some really gentle exfoliants you can add to a bar of soap that will still be wonderful for a sensitive face like my own. For instance JoJoba beads are  not too harsh for the face, oatmeal finely ground, sugar, pumice are all good for use in a facial soap.

I made the soap pictured above, it smells good enough to eat in blueberry/strawberry, and I feel I got a little over zealous with the strawberry and blueberry seeds.  After the soap cured and I went to try it out I saw all of those seeds, and thought no way am I using this on my face.

So after thinking about it for a few minutes I decided to try it out on my legs, I needed to shave and my legs were dry, … so I got into the shower and prepared to use the bar in my legs.

Have you ever ever scratched a bug bite, or your dry arms/legs and you can see the white scratches you are leaving but it feels really good so you just scratch harder? It may just be me, that something weird only I do… but when I used this bar on my legs it felt so good on my dry skin I used it everywhere even my feet, and I feel like I was really scrubbing hard it felt so good on my dry skin and didn’t hurt at all.

Which then got me to thinking why did I think an exfoliating bar has to be for your face? Or even your feet, why not start making exfoliating body bars? Whose body doesn’t need a really good scrubbing every now and then?

Think about it, when your outside doing lawn work, hot sweaty, bug bites, then you can go in the house and get cleaned up with a great exfoliating body bar before settling down on the couch for some tv or making another batch of soap.


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